Pet Accident and Odor Clean-Up

Accidents can occur even with the most well-trained pets. As pet owners ourselves, The Mean Green Carpet Clean knows that some pet accidents can be tough to manage. Our goal is to take the hassle out of any pet accident clean up and make the process safe and easy for you.

If your pet has an accident on your carpet, we will work to not only remove the visible stains, but also manage and eliminate any odors that are a result of the accident. Our products are natural, eco-friendly and pet safe, so you can rest assured your home will remain healthy for your furry friends after we’re finished.

Why use The Mean Green Carpet Clean for Pet Accident Clean-up?

You might be tempted to address your pet’s accident yourself. We recommend you don’t do that because the products you likely have on hand could do further damage to your carpet. Instead, let The Mean Green Carpet Clean use our special cleaning materials and technologies to remove the stain. Our trained professionals will know exactly how to treat the stain so that your carpet is as presentable as it was before your pet’s accident—maybe even better!

Also, your household cleaners are likely no match for the odor that will be left behind after the accident. Our materials are specially designed for eco-friendly pet stain and pet odor removal. Don’t ruin your carpet trying to remove lingering smells with everyday cleaners.

Working with us after a pet accident also helps ensure that the clean-up is performed safely. Anything we use to clean your carpet will be safe for your pets and children, but still strong enough to address the issue at hand.

Pet accident? The Mean Green Carpet Clean has you covered.

The sooner you contact us after your pet’s accident, the sooner we can help you restore your carpet. In the event you waited a little too long to get in touch, we offer carpet repair services to help you resolve the issue so you don’t have to replace your entire carpet.
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