Hot Water Rotary Extraction

Hot water rotary extraction is not only our newest system but also our most popular carpet cleaning method!

The Pride of Mean Green Carpet Clean, our hot water rotary extraction green carpet cleaning method uses state-of-the-art machinery that vacuums, sprays and extracts dirt from your carpet at the same time. This process generates hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes a minute—allowing for a deeper clean.

Why use hot water rotary extraction?

Our name isn’t “Mean Green” just because it has a nice ring to it. We take pride in cleaning carpets in an eco-friendly way. Hot water rotary extraction allows us to do that. We use water and high pressure to get the job done—no need to worry about harmful chemicals that will linger in your home or office. Instead, we use biodegradable cleaning agents that will leave your carpet smelling fresh, but without any residue.

Hot water rotary extraction also uses a lot less water as some other carpet cleaning methods and any wastewater generated isn’t harmful to the environment.

This green carpet cleaning method can also help extend your carpet’s life, as it won’t put as much wear and tear on it as other cleaning methods might.

When should you use hot water rotary extraction?

Hot water rotary extraction is ideal if you haven’t been cleaning your carpet on a regular basis. Your vacuum cleaner is great for eliminating some dirt and dust, but you’re only cleaning the surface.
With a hot water rotary extraction, Mean Green Carpet Clean can help make your carpet look brand new. We’ll clean your carpet beyond the service and get rid of any dust, dirt and stains that are living within the carpet fibers. You can count on the hot water taking care of the “hard to reach” dirt particles that vacuuming won’t get to alone.
If your carpet’s overdue for a cleaning, ask about our hot water rotary extraction to see your carpets come back to life.

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