Our Processes

We are very proud of our tools of the trade. They are both efficient and eco-friendly-gauranteed to not only make your carpets look clean but feel clean as well.

Photos by Keith E. Simpson

Regular Clean

Uses a low-moisture bonnet pad to clean various kinds of standard low pile carpeting. Usually performed as routine maintenance instead of as tough stain removal.

Deep Clean

Our most popular method! Any deep cleaning includes all of our pre-sprays, which help to liquefy any set-in stains or embedded dirt and bring them to the carpet’s surface – making them easier to wipe away. Our technicians then go over the floor with a hard-bristled rotary brush to further break up any stubborn spots before a final pass over with a bonnet pad.

A deep clean comes highly recommended for thicker materials like berber carpeting and wool rugs, or when it has been over six months between professional cleanings.

Hot Water Rotary Extraction

This is our newest system and the pride of The Mean Green Carpet Clean. We use a state-of-the art machine that vacuums, sprays, and extracts all at once with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes per minute – allowing for a deeper clean than ever possible with just shampoo, steam, or a carpet wand. Ask about hot water rotary extraction if you truly want to see your carpets come back to life!